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  • Dishwashers, Garbage Disposals & Ice Machines

  • Dishwashers are a complex piece of machinery that can be affected by a variety of issues. It is common for a dishwasher to stop filling with water, stop heating, or completely lock up and leak. Other common issues include spotting on your glassware or dirty dishes after a cleaning cycle.

    The garbage disposal can have several issues that can potentially go wrong. The main one is that it stops turning and grinding the food that is sent down the drain. If you have a garbage disposal that has gone out it can lead to food backing up as well as a bad smell.

    The ice maker that is in most homes is part of the refrigerator freezer combination. All though it is part of the freezer it is its own unit and has its own set of repairs that are separate from the freezer. Some homes also have a free standing ice maker that may also need repairs.

    At San Antonio Appliance Services, we understand dishwashers, garbage disposals and ice makers and how to repair them even if they are outside the manufacturer warranty. We are available to help take care of your appliance repair in San Antonio, Texas and the surrounding area.